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Why home staging?

Why home staging?

As any Realtor will tell you, first impressions make a big difference to buyers. What few people realize is that the way you live in your home and the way you market and sell your home are two different things.

When you get ready to place a home on the market it becomes a product and similar to any product on the shelf, it has features and benefits, plusses and minuses as welll as other products to compete with. To gain an edge in your marketplace, you must be priced right and look better than the competition. Your home is no different, except that it is probably your biggest asset and there is definitely more at stake. Home Staging is the process of preparing any home for sale regardless of price or location. It is a proven technique used to enhance a home’s best features and make it appeal to as many buyers as possible, regardless of the state of the real estate market. When this Staging process is completed, your home will be registered as a Staged home. This entitles your home to a special marketing program developed specifically for Staged Homes!

Top 10 Reasons to Stage

  1. A staged home will generally sell faster in any market.
  2. A staged home will generally sell at a higher price.
  3. A staged home shows better!
  4. A staged home has a marketing advantage over a non-staged home.
  5. A staged home attracts more potential buyers.
  6. Buyers view a staged home as a well cared for property.
  7. Inspectors view a staged home more positively.
  8. Appraisers will appraise a staged home at full value.
  9. Staged homes help diminish stress during a stressful time.
  10. The final relocation process will be smoother since the organizing and packing will have already begun!

Greg Malik Real Estate offers Home Staging for their sellers at no additional cost!

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