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What Makes Greg Malik’s Smart Seller Program So Great?

Posted: August 24, 2012 by Christina Peay

Greg Malik Real Estate Group is proud to be the only Real Estate Company in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County offering such a program:

  • Flexible Commission!
  • No Up Front Fees!
  • Cancel at Anytime!

1) Flexible Commission

Our flexible commission can save you up to 3% of the sale price of your home! Most agents will charge you the same flat fee no matter how your home sells…even if YOU find the buyer! With the SMART SELLER listing you have complete flexibility.

There are actually 3 different ways your home could sell:

2%   You find the buyer & there’s no other agent involved. We assist you in negotiating the terms, write the contract & shepherd it through to a successful close.

                                   Our commission is just 2%.

4% We find the buyer. We assist you in negotiating the terms, write the contract and shepherd it through to a successful close. There’s no other agent involved.

                                    Our commission is just 4%.

5%   Another agent finds the buyer. Both agents’ individual commission is 2.5%. We assist in negotiating the terms, write the contract and shepherd it through to a successful close.

                                    Our commission is just 5%.

2) No Up Front Fees

        There’s absolutely no up front cost involved when placing your home on the market. Whether the home ultimately sells or not, we cover all the marketing cost.

3) Cancel at Anytime

         With our EASY EXIT listing agreement you can cancel the contract terms anytime. The traditional real estate listing agreement is terribly one sided. It’s a contract that your agent can cancel, but you can’t. That’s why we give you the right to cancel your listing agreement anytime prior to accepting an offer, no penalty and no questions asked! And if you’re not happy, fire me! You’re in control!

 We welcome Short Sale properties, however flexible commissions do not apply.

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