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24 Hour Marathon Marketing

24 Hour Marathon Marketing

When you hire Greg Malik to sell your home, not only will you receive all of the benefits of the Greg Malik Real Estate Group marketing efforts (color flyers, multi-photo visual tours, extensive print advertising, etc.), but you also receive the benefits of Greg’s proven, 24 Hour Marathon Marketing.

The FIRST element of 24 Hour Marathon Marketing consists of your property receiving maximum market exposure. With one of the highest per listing advertising expenditure of any agent in San Luis Obispo County, Greg aggressively advertises your property 24 hours a day through numerous different types of media, including but not limited to:

  • Greg Malik’s listings are displayed in color on a weekly full page in the  Atascadero News.
  • Real Estate Book inclusion for all our listed properties
  • Extensive online classified exposure on many of the most high traffic search engines and real estate specific web sites in the world
    • Yahoo!
    • Global
    • MSN
    • Info
    • Trulia
    • Zillow
    • Virtual Tour
    • Real Estate Book

The SECOND element of 24 Hour Marathon Marketing is making it super easy for prospective buyers to receive detailed information about your property, automatically, 24 hours a day, in convenient and non-threatening ways by utilize the latest in technology. Including:

  • Visual tours, multiple photos and extensive text on the internet
  • Full color flyers at the ‘For Sale’ sign

A wealth of information about your property is automatically disseminated to buyers without their having to talk to a real estate agent until they are ready. Studies have shown that this method of marketing generates three to four times the response compared to traditional advertising and marketing efforts. The results are more, better qualified buying prospects. For sellers this means a quicker sale at a higher price!
Greg’s 24 Hour Marathon Marketing Plan is backed by a history of solid results.



-Bob and Jan Hayden
“I used to publish a real estate magazine and I’m used to dealing with Realtors. After being in the business for as many years as I have you get to know a lot about the Real Estate business and the people in it. I know approximately 400 to 500 agents in the North County. We picked Greg to sell our home because Greg’s marketing plan is second to none. It does what all marketing plans should do; it gets qualified buyers out to see your home.”


-Anne Davies
“I was very pleased with the variety of marketing techniques Greg utilized to sell my two houses (MLS, flyers, “talking house” and newspaper ads).”


-Jack and Jeanine Phelan
“We decided to go with Greg Malik because we were very impressed with the high caliber marketing and professionalism, and the number of homes recently sold in our area. When he initially took our listing, he gave us a detailed written plan for the marketing of our home. He even gave us a written guarantee stating that if he didn’t live up to his end of the bargain, we could cancel the listing at any time. Needless to say, Greg fulfilled all of his promises!”

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